In addition to being a full-time data person, I've been working as a professional photographer under V. Saran Photo since 2012. While I specialize in corporate event photography, I'm an extremely versatile photographer and also have experience with on-location portraits, feature photography, and weddings.

My philosophy is that working with a photographer shouldn't be another part of your job to worry about. I pride myself on being easy to work with, always there when you need me, but invisible when taking photos. This trait has earned me the nickname of "Ninja Photographer" from one of my long-term clients, and I think this describes my style of event photography well.

Communication, cooperation, and capability are what myself and Varun pride ourselves on, and we hope to share our passions for capturing the ordinary in extraordinary ways with you.


If you have any inquiries or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. To view my wedding portfolio, please contact me personally and I will send you a link.