Montreal Quick Recommendations

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Passe Compose (Brunch)

A bit pricey, but the best brunch I've had in Montreal. Get there early (before 10) for brunch, they do have free coffee while you wait. Right by the Gay Village, check out Cafe Sfouf afterwards as it's nearby.

Faberge (Brunch)

I didn't go here, but it's been recommended to me by multiple people. Also get here early.

Tommy (Bakery/Cafe)

Super pretty cafe with lots of pastries. Located by Old Port.

La Cornetteria (Bakery)

Stuffed croissants and cronuts. We got them for our weekly breakfast and they were heavenly.


Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann

Little local bakery that has some of the most amazing pastries. Get there early, people start lining up as soon as the trays come out.

Maison Christian Faure (Bakery/Cafe)

Get anything but the almond croissant (it was too sweet for me), their coffee is amazing and I've heard their macarons are some of the best.

Bar Darling (Bar/Cafe)

The prettiest half-cafe half-bar.

St. Viateur Bagel & Cafe (Bagel sandwiches)

The world famous Montreal Bagelery in sit-down restaurant form. The salad portions are huge and come with each sandwich.

Pizzaria Magpie (Pizzaria near Appno)

When I got one of these for lunch, literally the whole office was jealous. Sorry.

La Banquise (Poutine)

World-famous for its poutine and 24/7 hours. I got La Reggae. A regular size for me was enough for lunch and dinner.

NosThes (Bubble tea and Taiwanese Food)

We got a bubble tea each and Taiwanese Fries (super yummy yam fries)

Kem Coba (Ice Cream)

Chelsea took us here and mentioned that their weekly special is always a super unique flavour, it was coconut + orange sorbet when we went!

Le Blueboy (Ice Cream/Cafe)

Another one of Chelsea's recommendations, I wasn't able to go but I heard they also have super unique flavours.

Lola Rosa Cafe (Vegetarian restaurant)

Something to cleanse your body (or at least feel a little healthier after all those croissants and poutine. Quite affordable for vegetarian food.



Ma Poule Mouillée (Portuguese Chicken)

Giant portions. We got 1/4 chicken and a chorizo sandwich shared between two people. We were stuffed after. The egg tarts were far too sweet and nothing special. Also take a look at Romado's, as they're quite similar also.